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Using Victoriametrics for Prometheus LTS

Not the LTS you are used to Nowadays everyone knows about Prometheus, but there are few people that1 dig deeper in its core functionalities, such as the storage of the data.

Cloud-init on GCE and terraform

Cloud-init is a great way to initialize machines on cloud providers and it’s pretty straightforwardly supported everywhere.

A CD pipeline on GKE With Argocd and Keel

As I mentioned in a previous post, I use argoCD as a tool in my CD pipeline for my GKE clusters at $DAYJOB.

Using Google SSO With argoCD

At $DAYJOB I’ve been setting up an argoCD instance to build the continuous deployment pipeline and so far it’s been pretty slick.

Easy import of user defined metrics in GCP

It’s super easy and fast to create metrics in the GCP console, especially in the rush of debugging.

Using Containers Directly on GCE

Summary GCP, and in particular its components GCE has a nice feature to run containers directly on a VM, without the need to spin up a GKE cluster or to provision a machine by yourself.