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Docker Multistage And Golang static binaries

Recently I have been working on creating a docker image containing dnsControl. I wanted to minimize the size of the image, and use the feature of go producing a single binary.

Adventures In Hindsight 2

This is the follow-up of my previous post regarding hindsight experimentations and discovery Outputing to ES This one is fairly easy, since it uses the lua sandbox extensions for ES.

Adventures In Hindsight

I have been recently introduced to hindsight by beorn and since I found that the learning curve was a bit steep I thought this blog migration would be a nice occasion to share some sort of “field notes”.

Moving away from wordpress

This site has been left abandonned for something like 5 years and I did not wish to have to maintain a wordpress anymore.

Chef & FreeBSD : use pkgng

Baptiste Daroussin did an incredible job on FreeBSD with the new packages system, named PkgNG. It brings modern workflow, options and shiny features that were needed for a long time.

Cuisine : updated & shiny

It’s been a while since my last post here, and I have updated my cuisine dashboard yesterday so here is a little follow up on what’s new in it.