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Aug 18, 2010 1 min read

M{ongo,collective,oar !}

eth0In my last post I’ve been talking about mcollective (check the new website) and mongo and how awesome it is.

I’ve mentioned the docs available in the wiki but I’ve been too fast on this point; it’s not yet in the wiki (only some parts) so here is a little “guide” about setting the pieces work together. All comments are welcome.

  • Deploy meta.rb on all your  nodes. It will make the metadata available to other nodes.
  • Add the following lines to your server.cfg file :
registration = Meta
registerinterval = 300
  • Install a mongoDB server (debian ships it in squeeze)
  • Deploy the mongo registration agent on one node (don’t be like me, do not start deploying it on all nodes !). It will “suck” metadata from nodes, and insert it to the mongo database.
  • Add the following lines to your server.cfg on the host with the registration agent :
plugin.registration.mongohost =
plugin.registration.mongodb = puppet
plugin.registration.collection = nodes
  • Connect to your mongoDB and enjoy :
$ mongo
MongoDB shell version: 1.6.0
connecting to:
> db.nodes.find().count()
  • You’re done !