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Chef & FreeBSD : use pkgng

Baptiste Daroussin did an incredible job on FreeBSD with the new packages system, named PkgNG. It brings modern workflow, options and shiny features that were needed for a long time.

Cuisine : updated & shiny

It’s been a while since my last post here, and I have updated my cuisine dashboard yesterday so here is a little follow up on what’s new in it.

Cuisine : a chef dashboard

When I wrote the asynchronous chef handler that I presented in the previous post, I had a little idea in mind.

Asynchronous reporting with chef

Configuration management tools are awesome. Using them, you are now managing loads of servers, reaching the pub on time and you can focus on really fun stuff.

Trigger your chef runs with mcollective

Mcollective has been able to fire up puppetd runs for a while now, via a standalone RPC call or through the puppet commander binary (check it out, spread your load).

Generic use of chef providers in mcollective

This post follows my previous one, dealing with the reuse of chef providers of chef in mcollective.